How large of a graphene sheet can be produced with CVD?

The size of graphene sheets produced by CVD is not limited to a maximum.   Copper foils can be rolled inside the reactor to increase the sheet size and CVD equipment has been designed to operate continuously via a roll-2-roll CVD allowing you to produce films that are meters long.

Graphene 30 in

With an 8″ diameter tube, the Graphene Square instruments can produce a 30″ diagonal sheet of graphene on CU.  The key to producing such a large sheet is the orientation of the Cu in the chamber and the ability to rapidly heat and cool the chamber.

Micro Photonics sells this 30″ sheet for those researchers looking to purchase material rather than acquiring the instrument to produce the sheets in their lab.  Contact us for more information.

Graphene Square has also developed a roll-2-roll production instrument which can synthesize graphene in 6″ wide sheets which can be meters long.


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