How much does graphene cost?

Graphene Cost – Material vs CVD Instrument

When people ask about about graphene cost, it can mean two different things.  One- how much does a sheet of graphene cost to buy, or two-how much does it cost to produce a sheet of graphene.  Micro Photonics is able to provide you with both graphene material on different substrates and CVD instruments to produce your own high quality graphene.  We discuss each possibility below.

The cost to purchase graphene material

Micro Photonics supplies graphene on different substrates (copper, PET, Silicon, Glass) and in different sizes. The sizes can range from 10×10 mm up to a sheet that has a 30″ diagonal, or a 6″ wide sheet that is 3 meters long.   We can also arrange to have your graphene put onto your specific substrate.  Call us for more information (610) 366-7103.  There are several sources for graphene.   Your application will determine the level of quality you need, which will determine which partner you should choose.

The cost to produce the sheets in your lab

The total cost of graphene manufacturing includes; instrument, graphene synthesis, and transfer

Graphene Instrument Considerations

The size of the film you need, its quality, automation and the ability to make 2D materials will determine which instrument you will need and the cost of that instrument.   You can add larger chamber sizes for larger sheets, more gases, and solid sources for more complex films, and multiple chambers to name a few options which will affect the end price of the instrument.

Graphene Synthesis

The cost of production depends on the synthesis technology and can be estimated based on the price of carbon precursors Methane and Ar gases for CVD, or graphite for other techniques.   Substrate material will also be needed.  For CVD growth, copper is typically used for growth.  It offers good thermal stability and good structure of crystal growth.  Micro Photonics can supply you with copper or we can recommend the quality of copper to purchase.  We can help you find local suppliers of gas bottles.

Graphene Transfer

The transfer process can either be wet or dry and will have different costs associated with it as well.  Micro Photonics offers transfer kits with thermal films or we can advise you on how to use wet chemistry to transfer you films.  You can visit the graphene transfer page for more information on transferring films.

We would be happy to help you in your search for high quality graphene material and instrumentation.


  1. Vernon Fleming

    I am a jeweler. I have been approached by a client who desires to have a piece of jewelry made using graphene as part of its finished look, any thoughts on this . ( it would be a pendant in the shape of a swoard with the blade covered in graphene).

    1. Ian Spradlin

      Hi Vernon, as a graphene sheet coating a material is possible but the graphene will still need to be coated for protection. And the graphene sheet will not be visible. I am glad we spoke on the phone. It would be interesting to see if you want to try graphene as a conductor for internal electrical connections. I would be happy to help with any questions or material in the future.

        1. Ian Spradlin

          I would be happy to help. Let’s set up a time to talk on the phone. You can send me a direct email at: with a time you would like to talk and your contact number or call me anytime at: 610-366-7103. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Ian Spradlin

      Hi Nathan, It would not be possible at this time to make the whole piston head from graphene. Graphene might have applications in material mixtures for future designs or coatings at this point. I would be happy to talk to you on the phone to talk more about the application and how graphene may be involved.

  2. Ajit Deobhakta

    Say I need a hollow glass cylinder to be coated on the inside with graphene. How would I establish an electrical connection with this layer? The electrical connection should be able to withstand a high energy proton environment and an applied voltages of the order of 50kV+. Currents would be perhaps in the micro to milli-ampere range.

    1. Ian Spradlin

      Hi Ronald,
      Graphene is being studied as a barrier material. A single sheet would be to delicate to handle. Graphene could be used within a material to enhance barrier protection. In the future I could see graphene or other 2D materials being used in first aid. Perhaps a smart wound wrap that could monitor oxygen levels at the wound site, bandaids that monitored for bacterial infection, and PPE equipment. There was a great article on rubber that showed by adding graphene to natural rubber it increased the elasticity and durability of the material. I would be happy to discuss applications. Do you have time next week for a phone call?

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