Monitoring Cellular Response to Bioactive Agents

Applying bioactive agents to living cells causes the cells to divide, migrate or die. The resulting cells’ mass redistribution and alteration of viscoelastic properties can be detected in Real-time by QCM device. Monitoring cellular response to an agent in real-time using a mass measuring device reveals unique information relevant to the biomechanics of living cells. Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) device incorporating living cells, the real-time response of adherent cells to a bioactive agent can be measured. The QCM device (qCell T) is housed in a temperature controlled flow cell and responds with a frequency shift to changes in the cellular mass during treatments. Read more in the attached PDF here: AppNote-Monitoring_Cellular_Response_to_Bioactive_Agents.


3TsymbolPDFLearn more about Monitoring Cellular Response to Bioactive Agents in the PDF here: AppNote-Monitoring_Cellular_Response_to_Bioactive_Agents.

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